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How to Avoid Needing a Root Canal

While a root canal is an effective way to treat an infected tooth, it's always best to avoid needing one in the first place! We believe prevention is the first line of defence. Here, our Belle River dentists explain how you can avoid needing a root canal.

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How long does teeth whitening actually last?

Are you considering teeth whitening treatment and wondering how long the effects will last? Our Belle River dentists explain both in-office and at-home whitening options and the factors that determine how white your smile will remain, for how long.

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TMJ: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the body’s most complex joints. Here, our Belle River dentists explain three main types of TMJ disorders (TMD), the symptoms associated with TMD and available treatment options.

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Are dental implants the right choice for me?

Considering dental implants as a tooth replacement option? Our Belle River dentists explain exactly what they are, and the advantages and disadvantages of this common procedure.

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Debunking the Top 7 Myths Around Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Have you heard some 'facts' about cosmetic dental services that you consider doubtful? Our Belle River dentists set the record straight about some common misconceptions.

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How to Know if You are Having a Dental Emergency or Not

Whether as a result of underlying oral health conditions or injuries, many people will experience a dental emergency at some point. Our Belle River dentists share some ways to know if your dental issue is an emergency, and what to do.

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