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Dr. David Mady has been a dentist in Belle River and Belle River for 25 years with special interest in family dental care. He is the founder of Alexis Dental, named after his daughter, and is proud to serve his Belle River patients. 

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Dr. David Mady | Alexis Dental in Belle River

A Dentist Focused on Families

Dr. Mady has been practicing dentistry in the Windsor, Belle River and the surrounding Essex County areas for many years. 

He provides a range of services, including restorations, implants, cosmetic procedures, children's services, and much more.

Dr. Mady's father, Dr. David Mady Sr., introduced his son to family dental services. As a practicing dentist for fifty years, Dr. Mady Sr. helped to bring oral and dental surgery to the Windsor/Essex County Area. 

His Vision

Dr. Mady graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry with the vision of providing dental care to his patients.

This vision led him to establish his first family dental practice, Madison Dental, in Windsor. He soon opened his second practice, Alexis Dental, to provide family dental services to the community of Belle River.

Dr. Mady values his relationships with his patients and their families and loves the social aspects of his work.

He helps his patients maintain their oral health, and educates parents to help form lifelong dental routines for their children.

  • The mouth is where the nutrition and digestion begins for the health of the entire body. It's important to take care of your smile with regular checkups, as well as an at-home oral hygiene routine including brushing and flossing.
    - Dr. David Mady

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