Porcelain & Composite Inlays

Inlays offer a cosmetic dental alternative to regular fillings. The dentists at Alexis Dental in Belle River offer custom inlays to suit your smile.

What are Inlays?

Inlays are custom-fit fillings made in a laboratory. There are several types of materials used to fabricate an inlay.

Porcelain inlay

The first type of inlay is a porcelain inlay, which is colored to match your natural tooth. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the other benefits of porcelain inlays are that they are also quite stain-resistant and strong.

Composite Inlay

The second type of inlay, a composite inlay, is made of tooth-colored composites. Like the porcelain inlays, composite inlays are also aesthetically pleasing.

Both types of inlays are bonded to your teeth with special cements.

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